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1915 J.E. Albright after restoration.
1915 J.E. Albright after restoration. Albright teamed up with Horace Martin around 1911. Together, Horace Martin and Albright formed the Vibroplex Company, Inc in 1915. Martin sold his interest in the company to Albright in 1920. In the early 1900s, several manufacturers were making and selling clones. Albright sent letters to the Western Union and other employers and took out ads threatening to sue anyone who was using a clone bug unless they purchased a license from him. Owners of the clone bugs were required to send their bugs and a $2.00 fee to Albright, who generally took off any tag and replaced it with a metal tag that said-"This Machine Is Licensed But NOT Guaranteed NOR Manufactured by J. E. Albright, 253 Broadway, New York". This is the second style of tag. Many of the keys found with this type of tag do not have any manufacturing marks and are difficult to tell who did manufacture the key such as this key. But, this particular key was manufactured by the ATOZ Company. They would stamp a number 1 on the bottom of the base and this key has that stamp.