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1919 ATOZ Double Lever after restoration
This style of key actually has 2 separate levers for dots and dashes, with 2 thumb pieces instead of the traditional knob and thumb piece. I bought this key off of Ebay. It was advertised as a Vibroplex 1919 Double Lever. After receiving the key and giving it a better inspection, it was beginning to look obvious to me that it was not a Vibroplex at all but a knockoff from the ATOZ company. The key has a number 1 stamped in the bottom of the base as all of the ATOZ company keys I have seen and aquired. As I have looked at many pictures of keys on the internet, I also notice that ATOZ keys have a much larger radius on the corners of the base than the Vibroplex. Therefore I have to assume this is the ATOZ knockoff of the Double Lever Square Frame model with a J.E.Albright tag . The tag on this Double Lever is the first style J.E. Albright and reads-
This Machine in NOT guaranteed NOR made but only licensed by J. E. Albright 253 Broadway New York