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The Improved Vibroplex-ATOZ
This is The Improved Vibroplex manufactured by Max Levy the founder of the ATOZ Novelty Co. out of Chicago. He actually had the audacity to put the Vibroplex name on his keys and called them "The Improved Vibroplex". ATOZ existed until about 1914. They only produced about 10,000 keys of which this is an original ATOZ with the name tag and serial number. As with all ATOZ keys I have seen and own, they have a number 1 stamped on the bottom and the radius in the corners of these keys is much larger than Vibroplex. This key also has the number 1 stamped on the bottom.
This particular key was owned by an operator who worked for the Atlantic Coast Railroad Line. The Atlantic Coast Line served the Southeast, with a concentration of lines in Florida. Numerous named passenger trains were operated by the railroad for Florida bound tourists, with the Atlantic Coast Line contributing to Florida's economic development in the first half of the century. This key restored quite nicely with just a thorough cleaning of the nickel plating and a new paint job. It still works quite well and has a permanent place on my operating table.