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E.F. Johnson Viking Rangers
This is my Ranger I refinished the case and it looks like new now. This radio worked great when I acquired it and I have never had to do anything to it to keep it on the air. I decided to recap it to avoid any catastrophe in the future. It had a chirp on CW so I readjusted the keying circuit and all was well again. I have had excellent reports of nice modulation on AM and a nice CW tone. This radio does not have the PTT relay installed.
My Station
Vintage Station
Coil Rewind
Key Collection
Courier Amplifier
Viking Valiant
This is my Ranger 2. I purchased this radio off of Ebay. It has never been touched and has all of the original parts. This radio works great and I have never had to do anything to it to keep it on the air. I decided to recap this radio in order to keep it on the air another 50 years. I also added the PTT relay with an original Potter Brumfield LM-11 per the manual. It has received great signal reports on CW and AM.
Viking Rangers
Stripped, and now has the light gray color applied as the base coat.
All taped off and ready for the darker gray color for the bottom section.
Darker gray color has been applied and is almost ready to get the new silk screen.
A previous owner of the radio drilled a couple of holes in the back of the cabinet that needed to be repaired before I repainted it. You can see that the case of this radio has a "splattered" or "wrinkled" texture that I needed to reproduce to get it looking the same as the factory finish.
I have repaired the holes and added the textured finish to complete the job.
The cabinet has now been painted in the matching color and as you can see, no more additional holes.
Both colors are done and ready to be wet sanded. Time for new silk screen lettering.
Front view of the newly refurbished Ranger 2. Looking good once again and ready for another 50 years of service.
Nothing better than a brand new 50 year old radio.
My first attempt at silkscreening. It turned out better than expected. "Perfect" is the only word to describe it. Not sure it could have turned out any better. But then, computers are an amazing thing these days.
Steppir Big IR
2 Mtr EME