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My Steppir is located about 350 feet from the hamshack. I have it fed with 250 feet of CATV hardline with 50:75 ohm transformers on each end. I continue the rest of the run with Andrews Heliax 50 ohm hardline. I set 3 poles in the ground to guy it high enough for the deer and elk to clear the guy lines so as not to become entangled. I also have 350 feet of controller wire run to the black box that is called the EHU.
Steppir Big IR
I decided to use a DX Engineering radial plate to make a nice clean setup for the radial wires. I have 120-33 foot radials connected to this plate. The antenna plays quite well with this setup. It tunes with excellent SWR on all bands 80 thru 6 meters. It does have the Warc bands which I have previously never had in the past. I also use a 160 meter 1/2 wave dipole for receive on all bands as well if needed.
I am really impressed with the Steppir Big IR vertical. I originally had it mounted about 100 feet from the house but was picking up too much noise from plasma tv's and other things. I also found I would not be able to use my amplifier as it would play havoc with all of the tv's in the house. I moved it to the field and found it to be very quiet on receive now and no issues with interference to the tv's. The manual for these antennas has a lot to be desired. If one were to buy one it would be wise to join the Steppir reflector to get any questions you may have while setting up your antenna and getting it tuned.
This is the SDA 100 Controller that is used to set up the antenna tuning. There are numerous settings to get the antenna just right for your particular setup. I found it necessary to make sure the 80 meter coil tap is set correctly before attempting to tune the other bands. It is said that the 80 meter coil is bypassed when you use the antenna on the other bands. I found this not to be exactly correct. I had to do a lot of experimenting with the settings before I found the "sweet" spots on all bands. But, once it is set it will stay and not have to adjusted again.
These are the settings my antenna ended up using for final tuning.

3550 Tap 4 SWR 1.1-1 358"
7050 SWR 1.5-1 362"
10120 SWR 1.3-1 244"
14050 SWR 1.2-1 163"
18090 SWR 1.2-1 131"
21050 3/4 wl SWR 1.2-1 363"
24910 3/4 wl SWR 1.1-1 302"
28050 3/4 wl SWR 1.2-1 267"
50100 3/4 wl SWR 1.5-1 114"
2 Mtr EME